Nutrition for weight management and well-being 3 months


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The care package is designed for you who have noticed an increase in weight during your menopause and an accumulation of extra fat in the waist area. Care focuses on nutritional guidance. 

During menopause, many notice an increase in weight and an accumulation of excess fat around the waist. If you sleep poorly due to menopausal symptoms, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Nutritionist specializing in menopause, offers personalized nutrition guidance. In addition to helping you understand menopause and reduce your symptoms, nutritionist also helps you with safe and effective weight management or weight loss. 

Nutritionist is especially motivated and trained to know the characteristics of menopause. Nutritionist has undergone menopause training conducted by our leading doctor, gynecologist Leena Väisälä. Nutritionist understands the effects of menopause and the changes they cause in different areas of life, and takes these into account in her care and coaching. 

In this package, nutritionist will help you make healthier food choices and support you in making them. 

Package includes: 

Nutrition guidance, 1 x 60 minutes, 3 x 30 minutes