Hot flashes and weight management


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During menopause, many notice an increase in weight and an accumulation of excess fat around the waist. If you sleep poorly due to menopausal symptoms, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


The Hot flashes and Weight Management package is designed for you who have one or more life-disrupting menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes or insomnia, and who have accumulated weight gain during menopause. The care package combines gynecological care and nutritional guidance. 


We recommend laboratory tests in the beginning so that we can comprehensively determine your health and make the most comprehensive care plan possible. You can obtain laboratory tests with the BetterMeno pre-code at a cheaper price through our partner Puhti. 


It is important for the gynecologist to understand what stage of menopause or pre-menopause you are at, as slightly different types of hormone care may be used at different stages. After this study, the various care will be reviewed in detail. Once you have the information, you will have a better chance of choosing the care that works best for you.  Meet our gynecologist Leena Väisälä.


Nutritionist specializing in menopause, offers personalized nutrition guidance. Nutritionist is especially motivated and trained to know the characteristics of menopause. Nutritionist has undergone menopause training conducted by our Medical director, gynecologist Leena Väisälä. Nutritionist understands the effects of menopause and the changes they cause in different areas of life, and takes these into account in her care and coaching. 


The care lasts for three months, during which you will receive personal support and coaching for your hormone therapy from a gynecologist as well as your weight management from a nutrition expert. 


At three months, you and your doctor will re-evaluate your situation and make plans to maintain your well-being. 


Package includes: 

  • Initial gynecologist consultation, 1 x 40 minutes and 1 x 20 minutes
  • Follow-up of menopausal care, 3 times messaging with the doctor about your care
  • Nutrition guidance, 1 x 60 minutes, 2 x 30 minutes