Hot flashes and poor sleep 3 months


Price without Kela reimbursement 287,6 €



Hot flashes and poor sleep is a package focusing on gynecological care designed for you who have one or more menopausal symptoms that disrupt your daily life. Disruptive menopausal symptoms that can be treated with gynecological cares include hot flashes and sweating, insomnia, various joint pains, and new-onset mood swings and brain fog. 


It is important for the gynecologist to understand what stage of menopause or pre-menopause you are at, as slightly different types of hormone care may be used at different stages. After this study, the various care will be reviewed in detail. Once you have the information, you will have a better chance of choosing the care that works best for you.  Get to know gynecologist Leena Väisälä.


Estrogen therapy has been shown to be the most effective care for severe menopausal symptoms. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t fit and you end up with another medication or the symptoms are so mild that you start to experiment with the effect of a mere lifestyle change on the symptoms. The gynecologist reviews the benefits and risks of the care and the implementation. 


We recommend laboratory tests at the beginning of your care so that we can holistically determine your health and make the most comprehensive care plan possible. You can obtain laboratory tests with the BetterMeno pre-code at a cheaper price through our partner Puhti. You will then see a gynecologist via video call, where she will diagnose your symptoms and life situation extensively. Together, you will make a care plan.


The care lasts for three months, during which you will receive personal support and consultation for your hormone care from a gynecologist to ensure that the care is appropriate and functional. 


At three months, you will re-evaluate your situation with your doctor and make a plan to maintain your well-being. 


Package includes: 

  • Initial gynecologist consultation, 1 x 40 minutes and follow-up consultation 1 x 20 minutes
  • Follow-up of menopausal care